Dependency is not resolved in developer

Hello All,

I am working on webMethods 8.0 Integration Server.
I want to resolve the dependency of the bundle using "wm.deployer.gui.UIDependency:resolveBundleDependencies"service but i an unable to resolve the dependency of the bundle kindly let me know the exact process to resolve the dependency or appropriate parameters for above service.

Thanks Awaiting for kind response.

Is there any one who can help me out…pls it’s very urgent…:sad:

When are you getting this exception? In your deployer project, under the Define tab, you would select all the assets that needs to be deployed. Did you make sure, the dependencies are resolved before proceeding with ‘Build’?


Hi Senthil,
I tried to resolve the dependency using inbuilt service in Developer not in Admin page.

Okay… If I understood correctly, you have some flow services in developer which has some missing references… When you use Deployer and try to deploy it to other environment, you see the above error… It is expected… You have to resolve the dependency… To know the missing references, right click on the service and choose ‘Find References’… If there are entries with ?, those are the ones…


No, i am not getting any type of error during deployment but when i want to resolve my bundle dependency using above service then it will display the successful message that dependency has resolved but actually dependency of the bundle is not resolved by the above service.