gathering dependents

How would someone gather and output all the dependents of a package?

Can you explain in detail what exactly you want.

You can check package dependencies (if its updated by developers) : for this right click on package in developer and click OPEN

You can check service dependencies : for this right click on service and then click dependents


I am trying to gather information faster thatn that as it will take weeks trying to gather all the dependents. How can I gather or output this information faster? Can I create a service?

Do you have WmDeployer installed?

If you have it installed check this service : wm.deployer.gui.UIDependency:getUnresolvedBundleDependencies

What I did is created a project and added all the packages whose dependencies I wanted to check and ran this service with following input :

project name : name of deployer project
bundle name : name of the deployment set

It will list you all unresolved dependencies.

Alternately you can see this graphically also on WmDeploye project page instead of running the service.

You might need to do more research on this. But this might be a good starting point.

Hope this helps.


WmValidate, a sample package downloadable from Advantage, provides services and a UI that can be used for verifying that all components that a package depends upon are present. It’s not exactly what you’re looking for but perhaps it will be sufficient.

call the following service to get dependents in your flow service and provide the service as input for which you want to find dependents



Can any one help on how to create a project and bundle name in deployer.

While trying to run the services in WmDeployer package like wm.deployer.gui.server.IS:getPackageInfo it is asking input Project name and bundle name.

Please reply ASAP