Delivery by preferred protocol for email delivery

When I deliver a flat file by email via TN, it sets the sender as and the file name is ATTXXXXX.dat with no subject line. Is there any way to configure this? Is the workaround to just email within the flow services instead of using the built-in delivery service?



You can change the sender email address by opening up TN Console. Go to the menu TOOLS_SERVER SETUP

Choose the middle tab and change the E-mail sender address. You can also add a subject line there as well.

I don’t think there is a way to change the output file name, but if you find out, let me know. Thanks.


Thanks Ray - doesn’t look like this is available anymore in 6.1 but I found the properties to edit in 2 of the TN config files. It’d be nice to edit this per rule though for specific subjects and filenames…

You can use pub.client:smtp.

Of course I can Surya. I’m trying to use TN where I can submit a doc to TN and have it email based on a company’s profile. This way the doc is in TN for audit purposes and triggers the email. Using smtp means I have to do more work myself in a flow service which is not as slick, but I guess it would give me more control over the subject line/filename.


Will and Ray

I have a way to so-call customise the TN build-in delivery methods, including email. But I am highly not recommanded unless of couse you are desperated. What I did is

  1. rename the (For Secondary Email) to
  2. create a new service call
  3. modify required fields (email title, address, attach filename)
  4. invoke in

For Step 3, you might need some work to determine what variables original takes in (eg.saveToPipleline).

Here you go. dangerous and unconventional. To avoid the depolyment problem, i suggest you create another package with same namespace, in case your service been overwrite by the standard one.