Deleting of files


Can I delete files of type “Tamino Recovery Data” (*.1CO)? How can I do it?

Thanks and regards.

Not sure, but I believe they are are files used by the Tamino mass-loader. The reason is because if the mass-loader is used to load lots of data and this fails half-way thru, the Tamino database has then a mechanism for recovering.

So I think you can just delete them but there are entries in the registry which tracks these files which are used by the Tamino Manager.

No, you shouldn’t delete them.

They are files that were used during a load (probably of SQL data?), and will be needed if you do a restore with recovery so that the data can be reloaded during the recovery phase.


Thanks for your replies.
I need disk space and I have deleted this files. They are very big after a mass-loading.
Then I have delete their keys in register on windows-nt (with regedit). No problem has ocurred.
I don’t need restore with recovery in this case.

Thanks again and regards.

OK - not the usual action, but if you needed the disk space :slight_smile:

You should now backup your database, in case of future problems!