Deleting a database

Can anybody explain me why Tamino deletes also the backup images when a database was deleted?
What sense does it make to have backups? I’d like to have them untouched!
This is really anoying :-(( and gives me absolutely no trust in this f… product. I’ve never made such a bad experience with other database products neither with RDBMS or OODB systems.

I wanted to start with a fresh database (not a restored one) but with the content of my last recent backup.

And it seems that I’m not the only programmer havin problems with Tamino.




ok your right. It’s clearly stated that all will be deleted including all backups of the corresponding database. Although, I really did not expect this behaviour. Fortunately I’ve made a daily copy of the backup images to a tape.

btw: Is an incremental backup possible or planned?

regards, ren

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