Deleting group problem

When I want to delete group I created before, I’m getting this error

But I do not understand what I have to do…

Hi Martin,

do you multiple directory services configured or only the predefined directory service “system”?

If you have multiple directory services configured you must select the affected directory service explicitly before you can delete.

For further information we will need the exact MWS version (incl. applied Fixes).
Derived from your post we are talking about a 9.x-version.


Yes, I have multiple directory services, but the group I want to delete is in system.

But when I tried to look up the group in specified directory service (what I’m always doing) I’m getting today:

but there is nothing in error messages reference :frowning:

Version is 9.0.

Hopefully this is what you asked for:

Did anyone find a workable solution to this issue?
ISSUE= When editing a Group under system (such as adding a user to the group and clicking “save”) the system displays this error POP.003.0119. The edit is not saved.

This is NOT limited to one Group or one User.

Workaround: by selecting a User and making it member of a Group, the system saves the change.

This doesn’t seem to be a corrupt Group issue.
Why isn’t the Group Edit succeeding?

MWS Version 9.0.1


this seems still to be an issue as I am currently encountering the same on 9.5 SP1.

Were there any errors in the full.log during initialization of the MWS when starting for the first time after installation?