Deleting Document Reference


I am facing a problem while deleting the document reference using Developer, still it shows the same reference.
can anyone pls tell me is there any choice of deleting it from Backend

Thanks in Advance


Too little information to work with - could you please explain what you have and what you are trying to do. Looks like you have a service that uses a document reference which you want to change - but I don’t want to guess the problem you are facing and base my answer on that.

Help us help you - provide more details.


Hi Rajitha

yes… u can delete the reference from the back end… open the flow.xml from the respective flow service and search for the corresponding reference and rename to target reference if needed.

But be carfeful while editing, may not be the best way… but its one of them…


Actually we have a BOD package which contains some documents. we hvae created a seperate document by taking the reference of it. The thing is that inside the document each and every segment is the reference of segment in the BOD document package.

we tried to remove from the developer , but it was not effective.

Hope this helps me,

Thanks Rocky, I will try it,

Thanks Taurean,