How to delete renammed reference ?


I’ve renamed a document type used by a service flow, and now I need to delete my document “mandat_old”.

I can not see anywhere the document in the Designer but in the flow.xml file, I can see the Document is still there.
How may I find or delete it from the Designer please ?

<record javaclass="com.wm.util.Values">
        <value name="node_type">record</value>
        <value name="is_public">false</value>
        <value name="field_name">mandatInput</value>
        <value name="field_type">recref</value>
        <value name="field_dim">0</value>
        <value name="nillable">true</value>
        <value name="form_qualified">false</value>
        <value name="is_global">false</value>
        <value name="modifiable">true</value>
        <value name="rec_ref">mifDocuments.sepalia:mandat_old</value>


Hum… I’ve found a good way (funny : I’m hesitating a long time to write to the forum… but it is when I finish to post… that I find the solution myself :? )

The solution is to delete the new doc (which has the good name) from the pipeline of each step… and then, to make a Ctrl+S for refreshing. doing this, this action makes the correct reference correct (despite of the fact than the reference of the document displayed in the Design was named correctly)


Great, self-help is the best help :slight_smile: