Document reference issue in webmethods

I m facing document reference issue,even after removing document references,if i do find references still it is reflecting,but actually when i seeing the code it is not showing that references,
and one more thing while creating the build in deployer ,i ignored the references and created the build,
and deployed the code to another enviroment it is working fine,But still if i check for references ,it is showing as “?”.

How to remove these references completely?

Appereciate your help on this.

Most likely the issue is that document reference would have been dropped in pipeline in any one of the flow step in your flow service. I kindly suggest you to check each line in your flow service and look for the same and delete it. This should resolve your issue.

Additionally check the Input/Output-Signature of your service for the reference.


May be you have used the references in the past and then removed it. Try Reloading the package :slight_smile:

I too faced this issue. it’s weird to say reload the package for this but it resolved my issue.

Syed Faraz Ahmed