Delete Log files

Hi Wm Users,

Is there any way to delete a log file at a particular interval or start writing in to a another log file at some periodical interval say date wise ?? Any provisions for that ???

Wat do we need to do ?

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Sorry ! forgot to say an important point…
i am using IS4.6 !
and i learn that in IS6 its done by default.
How to achive it in IS 4.6



log files are rotated at the end of the day. For example you could see a server.log file with a date at the end for a past date and one without a date at the end for the current date. This is applicable to IS 4.6 too.


hi Thahir !

Its working… !! i have made it
Just needed to add 2 properties in the .cnf file and restart the server… that did … and worked fine… !!!

cool !
thanks for u reply