Defining BigDecimal values in IS for task business data


I have a requirement where we need to store large amounts(larger than the doule range) in task business data.

The user also needs sorting on this amount value on the task inbox results page.

In IS ,we do not have any wrapper types to store BigDecimal or BigInteger values. We only have long and double.

Declaring this value as String will not suffice as sorting happens on ASCII value for Strings. So I need this field preferably as BigDecimal.

Declaring this value as Object in the IS document and using toNumber service doesn’t work, as when I include this document in CAF, it still shows me as a String.

How to define the variable in IS so that it will appear as BigDecimal in CAF?

You have to select the Content Type “decimal” in properties of the string in IS document

Hi Stephan,
Setting content type works only when that document is a part of input or output for a flow service.

But here, it is a task business data field, so even after setting content type as decimal, it shows as a String in task business data.