when to remove decimals?

This is probably (hopefully?) a very simple question for those with experience…but I have searched in vain for an answer…

I am creating an X12 4010 850 document. When should I be removing decimals from dollar values (so that they are represented as “cents” instead of dollars)?
For example, in the PO104 (Unit Price) I convert to cents (i.e. remove the decimal) because that is what I have seen others do. But for the TXI02 (Monetary Amount of Tax) and SAC05 (Amount for Charge/Allowance) I am unsure what to do…do I leave it as a dollar value with a decimal, or convert to cents (or does it even matter)?


OK…i’d like to take back that question…I found the answer by searching up data types…

Rn - means decimal is there, with “n” places after the decimal
Nn - means implied decimal (i.e. not there, but should be placed there n numbers from the right)…

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Glad to hear you found the answer self:

Also there are cases where you need USD vs USDN (more than 2 decimals)