Default username & password for IS & MWS

Hi Team,

Will there e any default username & password for IS & MWS ? I recently installed SoftwareAG Designer 9.8.

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Very basic questions :slight_smile: but yes we have.

User: Administrator
Pwd: manage

Hello Saradhi,

Another default username & Password for MWS as follows.



Yes both the above should work using default credentials!


Thank you for the inputs… :slight_smile:
Next, while configuring IS in my Designer, it’s asking for a ws-isclient.jar file which sould be present under IS/lib/common…

But if I see my directory, I don’t find this jar file.

Help required on this.

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I am sure it will not ask for any jars, open the designer, go to windows - preferences - software ag - IS and add your servers in order to connect to IS from designer.

Share me the screen shot let me see what exactly it is asking for?

Yup, I’ll try above step and if I still get the same message, I’ll upload screenshot.


I advice you to read the service development help guide for using the designer in service development. Its mentioned there clearly. If you still have questions you can update this thread back.