Decode SYNS checkpoint on PLOG


Does anyone have any insights/experience decoding SYNS checkpoints on PLOGs? We have a need to identify any changes made to a file.

We are able to locate the SYNS checkpoints on the PLOG but how to decipher their contents is not immediately obvious. All the information about what was done to which file must be there as an ADARES regenerate is able to reapply the change.


Graeme Lane

ADA814 z/OS

Hi Graeme,

the layout of the checkpoints is an internal layout and we will not publish this. We are using the cp file to store the relevant information and if needed we re-structure the fields.
The checkpoint FDT is also not published and can get changed from one version to the other.

Maybe you specify the business case behind this question and we can either look for an official solution in one of the following Adabas releases or - dependent of the needed information - we could help you and give you some limited checkpoint and field specific information without any maintenance obligation.

Does that help ?


Hi Graeme,

I haven’t any direct experience with this, but doesn’t the Recovery Aid (ADARAI) record file changes to some log file?

I am not confident this is a solution for you, but maybe something to look into if you wish to explore it.