#ADABAS PLOG convert into text file using any programing language


I am looking for the following

  1. We are trying to use IBM DVM to query the heterogeneous Data. I am sure IBM’s DVM does not support ADABAS (Please correct me if I am wrong). I want to read the PLOG, get the before and after images of the records in a readable format, and build customer utility to push the data to RDBMS. from there, I can take off using IBM DVM to query the data.

  2. does Software AG have any utility to achieve - like decompressing the PLOG data into text files and reading using any programming language? how do I get the file structure of Adabas Files? I found some utilities like PLUE and NAT-WORK’s NAT CDC etc. I remember using PLUE but would prefer to build a custom solution by leveraging the SAG utilities if any.

  3. if I download the PLOG from the mainframe to the distributed platform. is there any SAG Utility that will help to convert/transform into a text file in Fixed File format and load the same into RDBMS?

4 if any utility is available, will it support all versions of the ADABAS? if at all, do I have to run the Utility on the mainframe to perform the ETL and download

5 looking for something like downloading the PLOG into Distributed and process using any open source programming language like python or vb.net - do I need any special file structure to read the PLOG? where can I find the same, if so?

Please Help Thanks in Advance

You can use the ADASEL utility to decompress the PLOG records but will have to make sense of the output yourself.

A one-stop solution would be Event Replicator for ADABAS

I think the ADACDC utility is what you are looking for. It “flattens” the before and after image for use to extract and export data.

Thank you so much