How to use utility ADAPLP

In Mainframe environment, I know te utility ADASEL and I can select records from PLOG, and can see the records before and after update.

I am looking for a similar utility in ADABAS Windows and I have found ADAPLP. But I get an error when I execute the utility.

I want get the records of file 32 changed in a session.

in a CMD windows, I type:

ADAPLP DBID=140 file=32 decompressed delta plog=0690 dataset=plog

ADABAS is in C:\ProgramFiles\SoftwareAG\Adabas\v514\bin and the data file are in E:\databases\db140 and the PLOGS are in E:\logs\db140

In this folder exists the file NUCPLG.0689 and the last plog is NUCPLG.0691

I GET the following error:

%ADAPLP-F-OPNERR, DATASET PLPPLG, FILE C:\programFiles\softwareAG\adabas/db000 could not be opened

and then

%ADAPLP-E-ERRNOM errno(2) no such file or directory.

Wath is wrong?

The utility Knows the location of de databases 140 and the location of the plog file?

ADABAS is v 5.1.4 for Windows 2003 Server.
I hope someone can help me.