does anyone know what the file 3 (USER DATA File) is used for (apart from ET Data?).
This file is growing so quickly in our environment, I thought it was used for modules with ET Data only, we have less than 20 modules using ET Data but I just found out that are some records there for online users (we don’t have online modules with ET Data).
Is it safe just to refresh the file when it gets too big?

I would try to find out which online-session writes into file 3. If you’re using plog, maybe ADAPLP helps …

Hi Matthias.
Thanks for your reply.
We do use plog and it looks like the sessions being written to file 3 are from users using the screens, probably the ones with ET.
Couldn’t find out any more as there is no documentation about this file.
I think I will have to raise the issue with SAG.
What does the ADAPLP do?
Thanks again.

The ADAPLP utility reads a plog file and prints out the content of it - you can almost read it like a book.

Example (snippet):

Rec 4, lng 52, seq 1932372976, type DA, th 3, internal id 121085
file 222, RABN 5574304, ISN 3141597, clu 0 TSN 193508
flags: DI

Delta <<<

Length = 161, ISN = 3141197

Field : AB: ^0735247C

Rec 6, lng 40, seq 1932372978, type ET, th 3, internal id 121085
prio 0, clu 0, ET-TSN 0, TSN 193508, user-id MATTHIAS

Rec 4 is a modification on field AB of ISN 3141597 in file 222.
Rec 6 is the regarding End Transaction - showing the user-id.

Like that you can find out what user/session writes into your file 3.

Thanks Matthias, i will try that.

Hi, does anyone know the syntaxe of the ADAPLP? I have tried a few diferents commands, not getting an error but not getting an output either (apart from the header below):

[thunderbolt]: /opt/softwareag $ adaplp db=208 decompressed plog=0167 dataset=plog type=ET
%ADAPLP-I-STARTED, 02-NOV-2012 15:45:51, Version (AIX 64Bit)
PLOG of db 208, created on 31-OCT-2012, session 167

%ADAPLP-I-IOCNT, 1 IOs on dataset PLPPLG
%ADAPLP-I-TERMINATED, 02-NOV-2012 15:45:51, elapsed time: 00:00:00


Example for one plog per adabas-session:

export PLPPLG
adaplp db=014 'PLOG=(1160,1)' dataset=PLOG decompressed  type='(DA,CE,ET,BT)' dump rabn=* record=*


%ADAPLP-I-STARTED,      15-NOV-2012 08:54:10, Version (Solaris 64Bit)
PLOG of db 14, created on 15-NOV-2012, session 1160

 Block     1, size   172 bytes, session   1160, time stamp 15-NOV-2012 03:34:28

Rec    1, lng    68, seq          1, type    DA, th  7, internal id          2
       file     1, RABN 4429483, ISN 272941, clu 0 TSN 0
       flags: FDATA AI FIRST_ENTRY

>>> After Image <<<

Length = 24, ISN = 272941

Group    : CP
Field    : TI: ^0000000051B44032
Field    : BN: ^00000002
Field    : JN: ^1006000000000000
Field    : NA: ^52584F51
Field    : TN: ^0488
Field    : TY: ^01
Field    : EX: ^01


Example for more than one plog per adabas-session:

export PLPLEX
export PLPPLG
adaplp db=014 'PLOG=(1154,28)' dataset=PLOG decompressed type='(DA,CE,ET,BT)' dump rabn=* record=*

Thanks for your help again Matthias! I can see the output now.