How to use utility ADAPLP

In Mainframe environment, I know te utility ADASEL and I can select records from PLOG, and can see the records before and after update.

I am looking for a similar utility in ADABAS Windows and I have found ADAPLP. But I get an error when I execute the utility.

I want get the records of file 32 changed in a session.

in a CMD windows, I type:

ADAPLP DBID=140 file=32 decompressed delta plog=0690 dataset=plog

ADABAS is in C:\ProgramFiles\SoftwareAG\Adabas\v514\bin and the data file are in E:\databases\db140 and the PLOGS are in E:\logs\db140

In this folder exists the file NUCPLG.0689 and the last plog is NUCPLG.0691

I GET the following error:

%ADAPLP-F-OPNERR, DATASET PLPPLG, FILE C:\programFiles\softwareAG\adabas/db000 could not be opened

and then

%ADAPLP-E-ERRNOM errno(2) no such file or directory.

Wath is wrong?

The utility Knows the location of de databases 140 and the location of the plog file?

ADABAS is v 5.1.4 for Windows 2003 Server.
I hope someone can help me.

According to the documentation you have to set the environment variable ADAPLP (and maybe some others).
Did you do that?


Thank you, Matthias.

I have set the environment variabla ADAPLP to c:\temp\adaplp with the same wrong result.

Then, I have created the folder DB000 under c:\programfiles\SoftwareAg\ADABAS and then the utility couldn’t find the file NUCPLG.

Then I have copied the file nucplg.0690 and the utility couldn’t find the file nucplg.

Then I have renamed the file with the name NUCPLG. That’s OK. !!!

But the result is only the date of creation of the file.

I can’t see the contents of the fields changed, with the value before update and after update. Only one line with the date of file’s creation.

Some idea?

Hello, Matthias,

I found it.!!!

Before executing the utility, the environment variable PLPPLG must be set to the file to be read.


SET PLPPLG=E:\logs\db140\nucplg.0689 and the parameter plog must be 0689.

After the environment variable PLPPLG is set (in the command line or in a .bat file) you can execute the utility.

The command line, must be the following:


and the result will be in the file c:\temp\output.txt

You can change some parameters but DECOMPRESSED must be before RABN, and RABN must be present (see documentation)

you can see the value of each field in each record updated, before and after update.

Thank you.

Conrad Baiges

I know, the usage ADAPLP-Utility is a bit confusing, when you use it the first time…

We use ADAPLP (at Solaris) for Database replication here at our company. We use the DELTA-Mode for this because the output is not that large. But we also found out that DECOMPRESSED is more stable - the utility crashes in DELTA-Mode sometimes. But maybe, the Windows-Implementation of ADAPLP is better … :wink: