Hello Fellows,
Because of a customer requirement I would like implement the PLOG component on the UNIX box, so the thing is that I already read the documentation and I did not find how implement it. Could you tell me where I could find any documentation related to this topic?.

Thanks in advanced

The PLOG is controlled by the ADANUC parameter PLOG/NOPLOG (default is PLOG):

The NUCPLG environment variable determines where the PLOG is written to.

I understand that the PLOGs file generated on ADAV3 (UNIX) are not compatible on ADAV5 (UNIX), isn’t it?. I mean that once I converted from ADAV3 to ADAV5 I can not use the PLOGs file to recover a file.

Thanks in advanced

yes. Before converting to a new version of anything, do a final back up.

PLOGS are used to recover to a point in time, typically between backups or to recover from a database failure and return the database to a known, stable state. I wouldn’t recommend migrating versions if you are not at a stable state. Ensure that your final database session shuts down normally and cleanly, do a backup, then migrate to the new version (and take a new backup once stabilized in the new version!).

Ok Douglas, Thanks a lot!!!