Configuring the logging mechanism on OpenVMS

Where can I find documetation on how to configure the logging mechanisn of ADABAS on OpenVMS… I need information about the different configurations of online/archived PLOG files and how to set each configuration.


Hi Adabas user,

you can find some information in the default documentation about Utilities esp. about adanuc.

I hope this will help you.


Hi, on OpenVMS you can switch Protection logging on/off globally by editing SAG$ROOT:[ADABAS.DBnnn]ADAUNUC.COM by setting ADANUC PLOG (for on) or ADANUC NOPLOG (to switch off). You can also enable plog journaling on a file basis using ADADBM DB=dbid,[NO]PLOG,FILE=n and view the settings using ADAREP DB=dbid,FILE=n.

As VMS has file versions, each time a new PLOG file is opened the file version is incremented by one (32767 version limit). It’s up to you to archive etc. the old PLOG files.

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