Database and Reprocess query

Hi Everyone,

Am able to find the the SenderId and ReceiverId from BizDoc table. But I want to display the SenderName and ReceiverName, in which table can I get this parameters. :confused:

And also am making a DSP page where I have to show the transactions which has been reprocessed, how can we know that which transactions has been reprocessed.

Kartik :slight_smile:

Do you find that TN Console and TN Web UI are insufficient for your needs in terms of display? I’d advise being a bit careful about accessing the TN DB directly. Future releases may break your code.

There isn’t a data element that tracks “reprocessed” per se that I’m aware of. If this is something you really need, you might define a custom document attribute and keep a “process” count there–assuming that the only thing you want to track is when your services are invoked. You won’t be able to update this count if a rule that processes a document simply delivers the document or performs any other action other than invoke a service.