Custom transform services

hi friends,
i searched in this forum and also read documents for using custom transform services in TN .But i am not clear basically how are we going to create custom transform service in TN .In the docs it was given that

  • trading netwks provides custom service for extracted attributes for example if it is a string is used

    But basically where is this service used .Is it in the processing rules or preprocessing etc .

    In previous posts here i read that we can use tokenize service(tokenize with ’ - ') as custom service to seperate XML extratcted attribute containg 12345000-786900 ( senderduns-receiver duns).But where is this tokenize service is actually applied to the data( extracted attributes in TN)

    thanks in advance

adding to the above post

when i am defining new doc type .In the options tab its asking for

use custom service to check for duplicate doc .Is this where we create custom transform service if we want to parse inbound data

hello friends

after some exploration i think i got the answer to create the custom services .Its while creating the doc type
after selecting the document .In the attributes to extract click on new and a window will appear which asks you to select name(senderid,receiverid etc) from the drop down list and below you can define your custom transform service

correct me if i am wrong


Yes,you found the way…