CSV file integration

Hello, I’m new to webMethods…

Our company is switching an existing Web App to a J2EE framework… we’re using webMethods as the integration/data access layer…

Currently, a CSV file is dropped (after going through many batch cycles on an IBM Mainframe) for use by our Web App…

My question is can we use webMethods to access this CSV file directly or do we need to import into a DB…

If directly, how is this done through webMethods?.. do we use the File I/O adapter? Integration Server or Enterprise Server?

If through an import, do we use webMethods to schedule an import job?.. how is this done?


You can use either webMethods Broker (formerly Enterprise, formerly ActiveWorks, formerly ActiveWeb, and probably formerly something else before that) with the I/O adapter or webMethods Integration Server, optionally with the EDI Adapter.

The I/O adapter with the Broker will pick up files from a directory automatically. It has all manner of parsing facilities for processing delimited records, fixed-length records and such.

The Integration Server (IS) can be used to process files in a variety of ways. Since it is an HTTP server and an FTP server, you can use either of those protocols to push the file to the server. Or you can drop the file in a directory and configure IS to pick it up from there. Depending on the complexity of the file and the processing you need to do, you may be able to use a combination of built-in services and your own custom Flow or Java services to process the file. You can also use the EDI adapter, which can be configured to process custom file formats.

Which approach you choose depends on a number of factors, including but not limited to: what you need to do with the data after you get it into one of the server environments; your comfort level with Broker and IS; connectivity options from the mainframe; interaction with external entities.


am getting this err:
Host Communication Subsystem tried to process a transaction but pool had no active session with host system; Transaction failed with no message : Transaction=PITansaction (8004059c/0)

On the Webmethod Mainframe Integration server status of Hostpool sessions is :

Hostpool Sessions: PIHostPool
Session ID Detail Status Count Avg Proc Time Last Access Started Tracing
TILMANFR 64 Detail… Pending On 0 0 ms - Yes No
TILMAN2 65 Detail… Pending On 0 0 ms - Yes Yes

This is a new installation, and this is the first sample transaction we are trying to run
We are using CICS Sockets + TCP/IP connection + have uploaded and compiled 3 programs required for CICS socket processing

Can anybody help me ?