CST 511

I would like to know when CST 511 for the mainframe is planned to be released ? (I know it will be called NBS).

Hi Yehuda,

Both CST and NBS 511 are available now (for both Mainframe and Open Systems). The documentation is also available on ServLine24.

Mark Barnard

Thanks for the answer.
I would like to know if CST 511 is the same as cst 452 with SP9, I’m talking about the features that are in CST 452 and not the new ones that were inroduced in 511. I mean solved problems and extras that were supplied in SP9 - Are they in 511 ?

Thanks and Regards.


Yes, in general this is always true unless there is some overlap between the release date of the service pack and of the new version. In this case a last minute fix might not be included until the first service pack of the new version. Hope this makes sense. If you are concerned about a specific fix in SP9 of 452 and it’s status in 511, please let me know and I can check the status.