Creating a package zip file from a sandbox to install into another sandbox

Hello everyone,

We are looking to download an application package we have created in a development sandbox to be installed into
another sandbox for further development.

Is there a particular process to accomplish this? There does not seem to be a download button readily available from
within the sandbox that would allow this step if possible. If not is there another method to share a package application created in a sandbox environment to be share with another sandbox environment, in our case for further development?

Thanks again for your feedback.

Best Regards,


Hi Nico,
I am assuming you want to export and import IS package? If so there are few options,

You can export the package from Designer,

and copy it to <>\instances\default\replicate\inbound and install it from IS Administrator page —> Management → Packages → Install inbound release and activate it.

Hope this helps.


Praba, is an Agile Apps application also stored in an IS package? The question is for an AA package.


Hi Nico/Kasi,
Sorry I did not realize it was agile apps package.

@Jaime_Suriano1 This option will not work for Agile apps.


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