How to create zip file with SoftwareAG Designer in 10.15

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SoftwareAG Designer 10.15

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Hello everyone,
I am migrating to webMethods 10.15 (from 10.5) and I used the PSUtilities package to zip and unzip files in my flow services.

Is there a WmPackage which contains the same feature ?

Best regards,
Arnaud SIMON

A couple of thoughts

  1. Is PSUtilities incompatible with version 10.15 , is that the reason why you are looking for an alternative?
  2. The Integration Server Administrator UI , has an archive functionality in the Packages->Management screen, you could use it to select the assets you would like to zip as a package.


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You can still used PSUtilities with 10.15, so keep on zipping. As an alternative you could use my package at

and then use the service


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Thanks for your answers Nagendra and John, I will keep PSutilities, have a nice day !

Best regards,
Arnaud SIMON