create image from an existing environment

Hi everyone,

i am new here and i am from Argentina,

i have a question about the creation of an image file for a new clean installation node.

my actual environment:

wM 9.8 (only one server)

i need to do a cluster, then i need to install another server and for that the support recommend me:

generate an image from SAGInstaller (all product= is, um, mws) and use it for the new server
generate an image from UpdateManager (fixes) and use it for the new server

when i ran the command:

java -jar /tmp/ale/SoftwareAGInstaller20180417.jar -console -writeImage /dev/ImagenDeWebmethods -imagePlatform LNXAMD64

this happens:

Welcome to the Software AG Installer

Release 20180415


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You might need to shut down running products before installing. For details, see the installation or upgrade guide for your products.

For product releases not available on the installer, contact the Software AG Logistics Center.

N) Next T) Top X) Exit

Enter: [ N ] ?

If your company connects to the Internet through an HTTP or Socks proxy server, you must use that proxy server to install. Use AutoDetect Proxy to automatically detect proxies using WPAD.

Checking network connectivity …

Use SSL to connect to the Software AG Installer Server?

Y (Yes) / N (No) [ N ] ?

Checking direct connection …

The installer cannot connect to the installer server. Use the AutoDetect option to automatically detect proxies or manually configure proxy settings. Options are:

A) AutoDetect proxy using WPAD
H) Configure HTTP proxy
S) Configure Socks proxy
N) Next B) Back T) Top X) Exit

Select proxy option: [ N ] ?X


and i dont understand the reason of the internet conection. I am understanding that the program wants a new clean installation rather the creation of an image of the actual installed product,

can you help me?

regards from ARG

sorry for my english,

Alejandro Fernandes


As a good practice, we need to create Product and Fix image first and then use same image for multiple instance provisioning.

Through SAG installer you can create Image File from Empower (Internet) only but i am guessing you are trying to create Image from installed product which is not possible through Installer.

In case you want to replicate your existing environment to provision a new environment then you can do the following.(But not a good way)

  1. Shutdown existing instance.
  2. Create Tar file from Installation directory
  3. Copy Tar file to new server.
  4. Untar file under some directory
  5. created script to update all required setting. Like port number, server memory, server name and server path… e.t.c.
  6. Start new instance.


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Hi Alejandro,

how was the first instance installed?

Was it thru installer by directly installing from empower?

You can check for the proxy to be entered in the installer in your local internet explorer settings.
In the first try I would try “AutoDetect” and if this is not working you will have to enter a proxy server manually.


Hi Yogesh,

great, i understand what you said, so i think that the better way is a new clean installation trough SAGInstaller and install the fixes from an image created after of the clean install.

Hi Holger,

i dont have a problem with the proxy server, i had a dude about the creation of an installation imagen from an installed webmethods, but yogesh explain me that is not possible.

so, i ll make:

1- create fix image from installed webmethods
2-install new clean webmethods from SAGInstaller
3- install the fixes from the image created previusly

am i good?,

thanks to both


Hi Alejandro,

for creating the Fix Image the same applies as previously mentioned for the Installer image.

There is no way to create a Fix Image from an installed instance.

You will have to create both type of images by downloading from Empower/SoftwareDowonloadCenter.
Installer image can be created by Installer and Fix image can be created by UpdateManager.

You will require Internet access for that. When your internet connection goes thru proxy you will have to provide a valied proxy ip/port to both tools.


Holger, how are you,

thanks for the response,

i understand, but,

now my question is, how can i install the same identical environment in another server?,

as you say, i must to install a clean webmethods from SAGInstaller and then with the generated fix image, install it.

if i install a clean webmethods 9.8 from SAGInstaller, its ll install the last releases of the components (i guess)

thanks a lot

Hi Alejandro,

Installer is always using the GA (General Availability) versions for a specific release.

For UpdateManager this is a bit more complicated as the UpdateManager is always going for the latest fixes available.
If you need older Fixes you need to start UpdateManager from Command Line with the additional parameter “-showAllFixes true” and then select the fixes you have applied to your existing instance (this can be checked via UpdateManager by selecting “list fixes”).

It is a good idea to always use images and install from there.
Images are reusable, so in case an instance get corrupted you can uninstall and reinstall it when neccessary.
When creating scripts during first installation you can use these to install another instance in silent mode instead of having to enter all the data again to the installation screens. Remember to modify certain values in these scripts when installing on the same box or when the second box has i.e. a dfferent file system layout.

On the other side you wont need to download all the installation components over and over again when doing mutliple installations.
This can be tedious and can corrupt the installation when there are issues with the reliability of your internet connection.
Additionally when using images the target systems on which the installation will take place do not neccessarily require an internet connection which might be a security concern.


about the fixes, i must execute and create an image of the installed webmethods with the fixes, am i right?

but, about the webmethods core, i actually have:

integration server
Updates IS_9.8_Core_Fix6
Build Number 247

task engine
Fecha de compilación: 2016-11-02
Correcciones instaladas: MWS_9.8.0_Fix15

optimize for process
Fecha de compilación: 2010-06-02

Fecha de compilación: 2016-11-02
Correcciones instaladas: MWS_9.8.0_Fix15

Fecha de compilación: 2016-06-22

Build Date: 2016-03-11

esb administration
Build Date: 2015-02-09

central configurator
Fecha de compilación: 2016-06-07
Correcciones instaladas: OPT_9.8.0_Fix10

and if i take a look into the SAGInstaller WM 9.8, the versions are different of the above,

so, installing the fixes will be equal?, or i must to install another patch or release or somthing else?,

sorry my languaje and ignorance,


Hi Alejandro,

the version number visible in the About-Tab of MWS might contain fix-dependent informations, but Installer will always install the unpatched GA version (“” in your case).
When the last ‘0’ is showing another value ( should have another value as well then), this identifies the applied Fix if any.

We are considering the following approach (even if we are not using cluster currently) as a best practices:

  1. Download an Installer Image for each planned target platform (i.e. Windows for the clients and Linux for the hosting) for the release your are installing without realy installing the components
  2. Install the clients incl. UpdateManager locally.
  3. Download the neccessary Fix Image by using UpdateManager (this can be cross-platform by selecting the neccessary platform variants for platform-dependent fixes)

After that you can move the installer jar, the installer image and the fix image to your hosting targets and install the required components (always to remember to install UpdaterMaanager additionally to the planned components) there.
As soon as this installation has completed, apply the fixes by using the UpdateManager installed togehter with the components.

Keep a backup of the installer, the installer image and the fix image in a safe location for further reference.

What is your Messaging Provider? Broker or UM?
For UM you should use 9.8, but then you won´t need the Messaging UI part for the MWS as this is only supported with Broker.
When using Broker: is it 9.5 SP1 or 9.6? The Messaging UI part of MWS should match the Broker Server version.
Latest Broker version (this applies to all parts: Broker Server, Broker CommandLine Interface, Broker APIs, Messaging UI) is 9.6.
There will be no newer versions in the featurer as Broker will be replaced by UM in an upcoming Release 10.x.
Currently there will be fixes provided for the Broker 9.6 parts when neccessary.



great, so ,

if i install a clean 9.8 webmethods , with UM, MWS and IS, updatemanager too, you say that the versions are the basic (GA), or i imagine that GA is a minor version ,

then i must to install the fixes (created previusly with updatemanager) , and with this i ll have the exact version components?,

i m working with suse linux, so i have the CLI and i must to execute the SAGInstaller there:

java -jar SoftwareAGInstaller20180417.jar -console -writeImage /dev/ImagenDeWebmethods2 -imagePlatform LNXAMD64

if i execute the above command, am i right?, i have fear that the installer makes a new installation in the installed server hahaha,

and then, in the new clean SuSe , i would execute:

java -jar SoftwareAGInstaller20151015.jar -console -readImage /dev/

am i right too?

and about the updatemanager i just follow the program, and i must to make an all fixes image backup,

regards Holger

thanks a lot again

Hi Alejandro,

Regarding your doubt on below command.

java -jar SoftwareAGInstaller20180417.jar -console -writeImage /dev/ImagenDeWebmethods2 -imagePlatform LNXAMD64

This will not create a new installation on your installed instance. Above command will create a Image file (ImagenDeWebmethods2) of the components which you select.


thank you Yogesh,