Create client JAVA to access Remote Server

The Banks connect directly to the GSIMT messaging system, in Client / Server mode, with a
high security via SSL (TLS 1.3) and client authentication, with the JMS Web Methods Client.
The APIs needed to connect to the MOM queues, read or write, are nClient and nJMS

Our client has provided us with this information:

Customers communicate through middleware with the nhps protocol:
nhps - Specifies Nirvana HTTP Protocol Secure (nhps), i.e. using SSL / TLS

The connection string is as follows:
String RNAME = ({“nhps: // remoteHost: 443”});
nSessionAttrib nsa = new nSessionAttrib (RNAME);

with the configuration of the connectionfactory, including IP address (remoteHost) and port (443), which will be provided after installation and configuration of the MOM.

What do we need to create this client to access your server?

We have downloaded the webMethods Integration Free Trial with examples java.

Do we need this trial?
How do we set up these shipping and receiving classes?
We normally use Eclipse to mount our developments.

Could you tell us a step by step, to be able to test a couple of classes in our local environment?

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