Could not conect : No suitable driver

Dear all,

Successfully installed webMethods IntergtaionServer + Sequelink + Oracle on the same server.
Successfully started the server as well.
But while we are trying to configure an alias to connect to our Oracle database, an error message says : it couldn’ connect coz’ no Suitable driver.

Any idea why we’re getting this error message.
Looks like the driver is not found or not loaded.
It is not available neither in the combo box of the loaded drivers.

Any help would be very much appreciated

Abdel & Dom.

First, a couple of questions.

Did you place a copy of the Oracle JDBC driver .jar file in the classpath of the webMethods Server? (e.g. /lib/jars)

You can check to make sure this was picked up by looking at the classpath section of the about page of the webMethods Server Admin interface.

Then when you open the Adapters > Database section and you go to add an alias there is the drop down box “Loaded Drivers”… it won’t show up there until you’ve given it an excuse to be loaded by the classloader. So when you are adding it you need to put the class name in the “DB Driver” box. Once you have one Alias loading the Driver it will show up in the “Loaded Drivers” box.

Hope this helps!

Hi jhines,
Here is what i got in my about section.

Classpath /soft/webMethods/IntegrationServer/lib/server.jar

Is the above OK, or is something missing ?I don’t think I placed a copy of the Oracle JDBC driver coz I can’t remember I’ve been supplied with one.

Don’t have any .jar driver file in my sources, but got a which seems to be the one for NT.
Am I wrong ?
Abdel ;


That looks to be the right one. Now you just need to find the actual class name of the Oracle Driver (something like “oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver”) and add that to your Server.

Then you need to know the proper URL to use… should be along the lines of “jdbc:oracle:thin:@:<port#>:”.

Hope this helps!

Joe H.

Hi guys,

correct me if I’m wrong but as you installed SequeLink, you should use the sl52_cj21.jar JDBC SequeLink driver standing in IS_directory/lib/jars.

So 2 config could be used :
1/ TN server installed with external DB
Database type : External
JDBC Driver : com.merant.sequelink.jdbc.SequeLinkDriver
Database URL : jdbc:sequelink://host:Oracle_sequelink_port;databaseName=your_db_name
User Name: your_user_name
Password: your_user_name_password
Alias : BILogging
DB URL: jdbc:tn
DB Driver : com.merant.sequelink.jdbc.SequeLinkDriver
User Name : your_Oracle_user

2/ No TN server or TN with Built-in
Alias : BILogging
DB URL : jdbc:sequelink://host:Oracle_Sequelink_port;databaseName=your_oracle_db_name
DB Driver : com.merant.sequelink.jdbc.SequeLinkDriver
User Name : your_Oracle_user

Note : Oracle_Sequelink_port default is 19996 (cf services file)

Hope it helps.


Hi all,
I finally could connect to Oracle with Merant.
The error was due to the jars folder and its libraries which I had to copy from sources.
I guess, this should have been done at some time during installation.
Anyway it is working for now, but Do u have a guess about the reason for which my server is shutting down itself after about 5 to 10 minutes?
checked the logs couldn’t cach anything
Licence key is OK as well.