ExecSql problem

I am new to webmethods. I want to use the MSAccess North wind database in WM. I have created an alias with Control panels ODBC utility. When using this in pub.db.execSQL I am getting an error unknown Alias. Can anyone help me out what should I do to run execSQL?

pls check the alias, whether it is establishing connection to MSAccess database or not.

using service pub.db:connect


All the necessary information is in the developers guide and the help documents. Please refer the same and you will be able to do most of the database stuff
Good Luck!

Hi, Michael.

VR and Ram are both right. Start with the manuals and try the DB services. My hunch is that you didn’t properly create a Database Alias using the Administrator (http://localhost:5555).

Give it a shot and let us know how you make out. Good luck with everything.

“…created an alias with Control panels ODBC utility.”

You need to create an alias with the Integration Server Administration tool. It is this alias, not the ODBC alias, that gets passed to execSQL.

Follow VR’s advice and take a look at the wM docs. They will provide the info you need to be successful.

You need to use WM’s JDBC-ODBC bridge adapter, which comes with the product. Via WM’s Admin, you create an alias with this adapter, using for parameter’s, the ODBC DSN you setup on ODBC manager.

That’s it. I did not find the manuals very clear on the JDBC connections.

Be aware that the “standard” JDBC-ODBC bridge is not re-entrant and WILL cause IS to hang once you try to move to production (in classic Murphy’s Law form, the hang will most likely not occur during development).

Would strongly encourage using a “real” JDBC driver or a JDBC-ODBC bridge that is known to be re-entrant.

Hi, Rob

Do you have a list of “real” JDBC driver or a JDBC-ODBC bridge that is known to be re-entrant?

What is your database? Every database has its own jdbc driver which is re-entrant. You can get the information from there websites.

Take a look at http://industry.java.sun.com/products/jdbc/drivers

Oh, and here is a link with information about the JDBC-ODBC driver from Sun:


Note the sentence: “The JDBC-ODBC Bridge should be considered a transitional solution.”

And I’m not quite being fair the JDBC-ODBC Bridge–usually it is the ODBC driver that is the culprit. “If you need to use multi-threading and your ODBC package does not support it, your client program will have to implement locking.”

The preferred approach is to use a JDBC driver, avoiding ODBC altogether for performance reasons and to not get bitten by a non-reentrant ODBC driver.

Hi Can anyone give some help on how to fill the parameters on dbalias window on IS.I want to connect to MSAccess default database Northwind.Do I need to load any driver at my machine. I am new to wm so please bear with me. I just installed wm at my local machine.

Perhaps this post will help:


Hi EveryOne
Thanks for all the help.I have created one Alias in IS and its showing me the all the tables in my SQL statement. The allias name is BILogging. But when I am testing my SQL on IS Server DB page I am getting the following error…
[MERANT][SequeLink JDBC Driver][SequeLink Server]License verification failed.

Could anybody tell me whats the problem.


This topic has been discussed here a lot.
Still, do you have a database setup for trading networks? If you do what driver are you using?
Let us know.

I am using SequelinkDriver