Trouble installing TN

I have installed the wM 6.0.1 server. I am trying to install the Trading Networks and while setting up the JDBC pools, I am getting an error. The server cannot find the driver. I have the db driver and db URL set up in the config file under server/IntegrationServer/packages/WmTN/Config/properties.cfg file as;databaseName=master

I am trying to use the SequelLink driver here.

Any idea what am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance

Did u setup pool alias definitions under settings --> JDBC Pools. Check it. Also check for key=value under settings --> extended for jdbc driver.
And I think SequelLink driver not needed in IS 6.0.


Did u ran the required SQL scripts provided in the db directory. They r required for TN to connect to external db. If u r done with this, just reload the wmTN package and then check if it works.



You can use the DataDirect Sequelink JDBC driver that comes with the installation and for DB alias
jdbc:sqlserver:// host : port ; databaseName= database_name ; SelectMethod=cursor
Also check the webMethodsPlatformInstallation guide.I did the same and works for me.


Also, check the functional alias definition under settings --> JDBC pools. There should be an associated pool Alias = TNDB. Restart it and then test (the green arrow).

Try dropping all the TN tables and rerun the sqlserver database scripts to create the tables again and then restart the IS server.


The problem is with the driver you have configured for Database , if you have configured DataDirect connect sequellink JDBC driver, you need to install the sequellink server or try using DataDirect connect JDBC driver and configure the DB alias. I got the same error when i used the wrong driver that was not supported by TN.

Hi Vinod,
Check if ur db scripts ran properly. I think u have to run the sql scripts again. Some times it happen. If the problem persists after this action, refresh and restart the TN package from server and check if the database is accesible.
Sequelink driver is not needed in WM 6.0.1 to connect to db.



Just wanted to check, which version of sequelink are you using? and if the jar file is placed currectly.



Everything is working fine now. I am using the SQL Server Driver from MS. The sequeLink that I have installed is the version 5.3.
Thanks everyone for their invaluable help.

Just now I am going post this message because you have used sqldriver and trying connect with sequellink in the URL.
you have to use database URL the jdbc:sqlserver://<ipaddress>:<port>;databaseName=<databasename>
Mahesh L

Thanks Reddy,
I have it working fine now. I am using the MS SQL DB Driver, But do have the sequeLink 5.3 installed in the box.
And for records, here is the URL that should be used.