Convert XML into CSV

Hi Folks…

i am new in this website as well as i am new in development in webMethods.

i am working on a project which i need to receive and XML message from another webMethods server (at the client side) and then my server ( webMethods server ) has to convert this XML message to a CSV format and send it to other partner and then get the result again in CVS and convert it back to XMl and return the result to the initator webMethods server.

my question is how do i acheive the best scnario ?
so i f i draw the requreied scniario it will be like the following:

Partner wM server ---->XML---->wM(my IS)---->convert from xml to CSV----> to partner backend system called MTS.
and of course i will need to get ackknowledment…sync between the two wM servers…and Asyn between my IS and the MTS

the question is how is the best scnario to accomplish this?

and when coming to development…is there any bulit in services that i can use to do the conversion between XML to CSV and vice versa ? is it straight forward or i need to write some custom java servie ? hopefully not…

thank you very much for any one who helps…and please let me know if you need to know more information on this

Thanks gurus…


I would say:
create a ff schema for the cvs and use convertToString service to convert it to string.

so there isn’t any direct way like a built-in service which can convert from XML to CSV ?

Please find and study the Flat File Schema Developer’s Guide. In releases prior to 7.x this was located in wm_home\Developer\doc\guides. In 7.x and later this documention moved to wm_home_documentation\Developer\guides.


Hi folks …sorry for the long posting…but here is what i am exactly looking for help:

The current business process is :

wM server at Partner1 sends an XML message of over HTTPS to Partner2 front end system i will call it(FS)as XML , then this (FS) system send Ack back to Partner1 wM and convert the XML message into CSV and then puts in a folder of backend system of Partner2 i will call it (BS) in (using FTP link but not FTP server)

Then Partner2 backend system(BS) in picks up the file, processes it and puts reply in outbound folder. And sends Async ack.
Then Partner2 front end system(FS) pick up the reply file from the backend’s outbound folder, convert it back to XML and send it to Partner1 wM.

The future businnes scenario is:
The idea is to replace partner2 front end(FS) with webMethods server .

This webMethods will handle the conversion from XML to CSV and serve as what (FS) was doing ( sending acks and conversion from and into XML and CSV. And putting the CSV file in MTS using FTP link (OR if there is a better solution) and handle the reply back to the partner's webMethods server

My basic understanding so far is the following:

Partner1 new wM partner2
wM --xml-à XML to CSV and send ackprocess and
put CSV in folderàCSV reply in outbound folder

Of course the is a Sync acknowledgment between of parner1 and new wM …and Async between BS backend and Partner1.

Now I have some questions and concerns of getting this job done:

  • How, and what is the best architectural design to achieve this?
  • What are the components needed, so that communication and connectivity between webMethods in Partner1 and Partner2 BS is handled.?

How do I handle the XML message that is coming from Partner1 webMethods server? I mean how is the exact flow of the message( starting from where it arrives and how it gets handles and everything till it gets formatted to CSV and putting it in the (BS) of Partner2 folder, along with sending the Sync and Asyc acks to Partner1). What kind of services to handle the conversion…etc…
Thank you again I really appreciate your support and help.


Rest assured, the wM suite and Integration Server in particular, can perform the tasks you outlined without any problem. Indeed, this type of integration is the sweet spot of IS (and you may want to consider using Trading Networks too).

The information you’re asking for is a bit more than what is usually provided here. I imagine someone may give you some high level steps but you should probably take one of these avenues:

  1. Attend wM IS training and review the docs so that you can have an understanding of the platform and can design the solution appropriately.

  2. Engage professional services (webMethods or others–there are many) to come help design and implement the solution, providing knowledge transfer to you so you can get a timely solution and learn about the platform.

How would such a service know what fields to read from the XML to place in the appropriate positions in the CSV? You could use XSLT I suppose, but then you’re coding the XSL file. Creating an IS service to do this is usually easier, though that depends on your comfort level with FLOW vs. XSL.