Control Numbers to avoid duplicate data transfer - for outbound documents

Iam trying to restrict sending duplicate Edi data to external partner.

Iam passing unique value as ctlNumber to the Service:wm.b2b.edi.util:addICEnvelope.
Unique ctlNumber is added at ISA segment level,

Updated TPA (external partner as receiver) ControlNumberManagement >> duplicateControlNumberAction as Reject.

Updated receiver partner profile as below

But still, I see TN is transferring same edi content with same cntrl number Mutiple times.

Is there any other setting I have missed or my approach is incorrect?

Its been quite long since I worked on TN EDI. Here are my 2 cents.

TN out-of-the-box feature for duplicate detection focuses on the receiving side when TN receives EDI data. These are typically applied when processing incoming messages.

But if TN acts as sender, you will have to implement custom logic in IS and have it invoked from TN.

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It’s been a while for me too since working with EDI and TN, but I have notes from an old document that describes the TN can manage the control numbers.

When batching and enveloping, transaction set control numbers within a group always start at 1 and increment by 1 for each additional transaction set. Group and interchange control numbers use the EDI control number table managed by TN for each sender/receiver combination.

TN can manage this for you. I don’t think you need to use custom services to assign control numbers. But you will need to call the right services when creating the document/batch with the right parameters.

The “I did this long ago” was before TN console was retired and its functions moved to MWS. So I cannot provide specific “look at these MWS pages” but I do know it is possible to set it up so that you do not need to manage the IC and group control numbers directly.

Hi raeman,
Assigning control numbers doesn’t need custom logic. This service will do wm.b2b.edi.util:addICEnvelope. I am with you on this.

I meant custom logic for the purpose when TN acts as sender and needed to stop sending duplicate documents to an external partner based on control numbers.