Construct 452 Read error after install

We have installed CST452 on our test environment running with NAT414 and PRD441. This was done with a clean FNAT. We did not load the code frames and models since these have been customised in the FUSER and we did not want to overwrite. We ran CST update inpl 6. We started testing and generated, saved, stowed and tested a browse-select program. Coming back into construct to read the same module produces the following error: NAT0082 USC1057N 0770 MODULE NAME DOES NOT EXIST. We ran a CVUSRCOP which produced the output : 3021 MAINUSER, ON ERROR: 3021 IN LINE 3620 OCCURRED, COPY COMPLETED WITH ERRORS.
I would appreciate some help on the above asap.


since this is an Adabas error (response code 21) from Construct code, I would recommend opening a ServLine24 support request.