NAT0960 Error

I face the error NAT0960 some times in my Natural session.

But by trying CAT/STOW the module few times, the error was disappearing.

Today when I tried to STOW a subprogram, this error was encountered anad it is not letting to CAT/STOW the module.

At the programmer’s level how can I sort out this problem?


Hi Mishra,
The help for NAT0960 (for NAT424) says:
Tx *** Short Text ***
SAVE/CATALOG/PURGE/UNCATALOG terminated unsuccessfully.
Ex *** Explanation ***
The operation was attempted repeatedly and a
response code of ‘9’ for transaction back-out
was received from Adabas when XREF data
were processed.
Ac *** Recommended Action ***
Ask your Natural administrator to review the maximum transaction
duration time setting for Adabas.
If this doesn’t help then I suggest you refer this problem to Support.
NB. They’ll probably ask you the following questions:
Q1) What version of Natural ?
Q2) Is the environment Online or Batch ?
Q3) What is the Response 9 subcode ?
Q4) What is your Adabas LP parameter setting ?
So have this info ready :smiley: