Nat 936 - conflict in parameter

Hi everyone,

I have a funny problem.

I am adding a record to file from a web front end which calls a subrprogram via EntireX.

This subprogram call the object sub who in turn adds the record on the file.

Now the first time I call this subprogram the subprogram adds the record any subsequent call causes a NAT936 error.

Any Ideas?

I check the parameters being passed between the 2 calls are exactly the same.

I am using EntireX version 8.1
Natural version 8.2.3 and adabas version 8.2.6

Thank you

Could you show us the two sides of the calls; both the CALLNAT and the PDA of the subprogram?

Are all the values being passed by the default linkage (reference) , or are you using by value or by value result?

are there any arrays being passed? If so, are they variable arrays (eg; 1:v)

Have you tried to run just the subprogram that adds the record with a “driver” that has the same CALLNAT as the CALLNAT’er that you are using (in other words, cut out the web front end)