Connection between Active Transfer Gateway (DMZ) to Active Transfer Server

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I just want to ask if someone has knowledge on how file transfer is being done from active transfer gateway (DMZ) to active transfer server?
How file is being dropped on DMZ server and be picked up by Dev Server(where Active Transfer Server is installed)? How to get files from DMZ server to Active transfer server.

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Hi Michelle,

ActiveTransfer Gateway(ATG) acts as reverse proxy between clients and internal ActiveTransfer servers(ATS).
ATGs are managed from ATS, and ports for file transfer on ATGs are also defined/configured from ATS.

Files uploaded to ports defined in ATGs are forwarded to ATS, based on the user and Virtual Folder(VFS) configured.
Files downloaded from ports defined in ATGs are fetched from ATS, based on the user and VFS configured.

ATG does not store any files locally.
Hope this answers your query.


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Thank you Biswajit. :slight_smile:

Also, I saw this post on this forum on how to file transfer from ATG to Agent through ATG (I think this is related on your answer above)
Link: File Transfer from Active Transfer Server to Agent through Active Transfer Gateway

I tried to follow the steps but got stuck on this procedure. Please see below screenshot.

I can’t find the folder \MAG folder. Any thoughts? Do you have any recommendations on how I can find this folder?

Thank you so much.

This query has been answered here:

Hello Biswa,

I am trying to setup ATG to ATS and came across this response of yours. When you say ATG forwards the files to ATS based on the user and virtual folder configured, the user here is the same user setup on ATS? Or is there other setup of user specific for ATG? Thanks for all the help by the way.

Yes Paul,
The user here is the same user setup on ATS.


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