Connect UI Webpages to webMethods flow services

IS 10.5

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How can I connect my UI web pages to the webMethods flow services other than DSP
OR How can I connect frontEnd pages to the webMethods Backend(flow services)?

Just to confirm the above question also means how to consume REST(webMehtods) in HTML pages?

Have you installed latest fixes for the products

Hi Azhar,

can you provide some more details on your request please?
Where are the UI WebPages hosted?
In which language are they developed?

DSP are hosted directly on the IS.


Hi, Holger
Suppose I have created webpages using html,css, ,javascript and we are hosting these pages on tomcat.

Hi Azhar,

if your services only have simple structured inputs you can just invoke them via URL and pass the inputs as parameters:

For more complex structures it might be better to use REST or SOAP-WebServices.



Thanks Holger. I got the point.

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