How to create a dashboard in webMethods?

Hi Team,

Can anyone please suggest how to use/create a dashboard in webMethods.
The idea of the dashboard is we have weekly deployment meetings, so every week we will have a around 10-15 tickets from service now. I have to take all the tickets and create a dashboard like status of the ticket, at what time i am going to deploy that ticket …

Idea : From service now i can pull the entire report for that week in excel format, That report should be taken by webMethods through sftp call and display the dashboard.

Attached the sample image , dashboard should be look like above image ?

or else can i integrate my service now to webMethods, if yes please elaborate ?


hi @varunkmv ,
Are you using on premise webMethods product or cloud?
We can definitely integrate service now system with our integration platform (cloud version) .
We have out of the box connector available to integrate it.

Vikash Sharma

Creating a DSP page ( Dsp Page linked to a wm service , wm service in turn connects to servicenow database or serviceNow API’s to get results and display them on dsp page).


Hi @Vikash_Sharma1 ,

We are using on premise webMethods product.
How do we integrate , can you please explain.
We are using the customised service now according to our project.

Hi @Sandeep_Deepala,

I will download the report from service now & as mentioned by you , we will add the extension as .html.
share the .html page link as a dashboard link , please elaborate more about this statement ?
How do i share that link

Hi @varunkmv ,
More information on creating DSP here - Dynamic Server Pages

You can use the invoke directive to call services hosted on the Integration Server.

Hope this helps.


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