Configuration Problem in User Management in IS Admin Page

Hi everyone,
I am facing an issue regarding configuring user management.

Central User Management is not configured. Please let me know how can I make it to configured.

Another thing is that my MWS server is also not getting up?

Problem: Bootstrap stopping error.

Above problems are facing in localhost in mylocal machince

Tools used: webMethods software AG version: 10.15

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you’ll need to do a few things:

  • MWS is installed and is operational using an external database. So you’d first have to fix your MWS instance
  • You’ll need Universal Messaging, because MWS will use it for synchronization
  • In MWS, check Singe Sign on is configured with your MWS URL
  • In the IS admin, set the JDBC connection pool alias CentralUsers to point to the same external database as used by MWS.
  • In the IS Admin, go to Settings > Resources and in the field SAML Resolver you should add the URL to your MWS instance
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even if it is considered deprecated, Database JMS based synchronizing is still possible.
So you are not required to use UM for this, esp. if you currently do not have a UM license.

See MWS Admin documentation how to modify cluster.xml in MWS to enable Database JMS.


Thank all,
The issue is resolved. Error in pointing the jdbc pools connections.

Now I got another error that is, I am not able to connect to MyWebMethods Server. I have attached the MyWebMethods server file also. Please check.
Software AG My webMethods Server (default).txt (666.9 KB)

I would recommend to open a separate thread. There is a big chance that those who might be able to help, will not suspect this question in a thread on a totally different topic like IS.


okay Christoph jahn.