Configuration for Central user mgmt


I could able to connect the LDAP (Microsoft AD) with MWS.

From IS , using central User Mgmt i have connected to MWS.

After that i can see only “system\My webMethods Users” is added to Anonymous ACl.

Could any one guide me how to give IS Admin role/Developer/Designer role for LDAP Groups or MWS roles/Groups.

I couldn’t able to see groups from LDAP when I search the Central provider (to add one to an ACL) in Integration Server.

Could any one help me for this issue ?

Thank you in Advance for the help.

Warm Regards,
Gopinath K.M

I have the same problem. I opened a service request with webmethods.


well i am not sure exactly why you guys are not able to see LDAP groups. It works fine for me.
But you may try using LDAP roles.

See this :