Composite template installation fails due to unsatisfied dependencies


When we install products and fixes with composite template we get the following erro:

Un-handled internal server error. Error occurred while creating a template on the remote managed node with alias: esb-host. Remote task status is [SPMTEME0019] Error occurred during execution of operation APPLY on template automatedInstallation_is_esb_host >> [SPMCOME0046] Operation failed due to unsatisfied dependencies: [wMFix.CentraSite.Core_9.9.0.0009-0723]

However on this template there is no installation of the Centrasite product, but there is a Mediator and WSS stack product and fixes.

Anyone an idea how to avoid this error? Thanks!



This is because
wMFix.CentraSite.Core_9.9.0.0009-0723 has dependencies to
Require-Fix: wMFix.CentraSite.Server;version=,wMFix.OSGI.Agent;version=,wMFix.WSS;version=
And some of these fixes requires CentraSite to be installed.

Can you specify the product version and what fixes are installed?

Most probably installing latest SPM and SD fixes on the target SPM node will solve the problem.

Many Thanks