Composite template - Installing on remote machine

I am using composite template to install IS on a remote host. Both command central host and remote host are Azure VM. I have created repo using local image and from it created mirror repository. I have defined this as product repo in template.
After executing the template , i experience issues related to SFTP file transfer. I suspect this is due to image file transfer happening during the process. Following is the error

2021/04/27 06:57:07 ERROR #1340 Job completed: id 62 status ERROR started 2021-04-27T06:01:26.280+0000 - Bootstrap node: dev_is1005ad.ah.nl_IS_105
2021/04/27 06:57:07 ERROR #1340 [SPMJOBE0003] Job 61 failed! Un-handled internal server error. Illegal sftp packet len: 2083335469

It clearly states the sftp packet length to be invalid. Wondering if anyone has experienced this issue and resolutions if any?

Are there any alternatives methods that can be utilized for remote installations using templates?

Hi Ahmed,

Looks like the issues has been discussed and resolved with the Support Incident (5443149)
Let us know in case you still need addition infor

Best Regards

Yes indeed , it was issue user permissions on target machine!
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