Timeout error whiling uploading product image by using template


There are 2 SAG installations. (A and B)
All SAG products were installed in A server and only platform manager was installed in B server.
I created a template including product image and configuration from A and try to apply it to B server by using Command Central.
As product image in A’s repository is huge, I got timeout error in 5 minutes while uploading the image to B server.
“A request timeout has expired after 300000 ms”
Please advise where the timeout property is.

There could several reason

  1. if the version is 9.6 without latest FIX 3 applied, copying large image would failed.
  2. Is this over HTTP or HTTPS. the timeout could be cause by HTTPS support in tomcat, and the message would be shown, even the copying is still active. Please try over HTTP
  3. It could be the case that copying and installing simply takes too much time, will hits the timeout, but the installer is actually installing product on node B

Are you using wM 9.6 or different version?


Hi Nikolay,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

I’m using WM9.6.

  1. CCE 9.6.0 FIX3 already applied.
  2. I tried it over HTTP
  3. As getting timeout while uploading image file to node B, the installer has not been started yet.

Do you know where I can adjust timeout property?

I guess you’re getting the timeout in the WebUI

Can you try applying template via CLI by executing two command for copying the file and then applying templates
the commands can be found in the CLI reference.

Can you please also provide more information like

What is the OS?
How big is the image file?


You’re right.
I didn’t get timeout error when using CLI.

The image was successfully uploaded, but I got another error as below.
** command
cc exec templates apply alias=test-template nodeAlias=IS2 options=PRODUCTS productsRepo=IntegrationServer -p xxxxxx
** result
ERROR 500: POST http://localhost:8090/cce/templates/apply?productsRepo=IntegrationServer&alias=test-template&nodeAlias=IS2&options=PRODUCTS returned a response status of 500 Internal Server Error

Frankly speaking, I’d rather choose manual installing than command central as it often fails and logs look very complicated. I don’t know what a benefit of this functionality is. :frowning:



To your question why one would use CC over normal installer client:

If you have a single local installation then using CC has almost no benefits over using installer client.
However, if you have many distributed remote environments to manage and ensure they have the same set of products, fixes and configurations - this is when CC goes beyond what installer can do.

If you want to resolve the issue with timeouts you need to a open support ticket, provide details about the environment, log files, etc.

I suspect your image file size is huge (few gigabytes) which will never work well for upload over HTTP/S.

To avoid timeouts please choose one of the possible options:

  1. If your target machines have access to the internet/Empower you don’t have to use images. Direct connection from the SPM to Empower will pull only necessary files.

  2. If the target machines don’t have access to internet/Empower then the only supported option right now is to use images. Because the selected image will be copied to the remote SPM every time when a template is applied it is important to have several optimized images which content includes products for the target template and ideally nothing else.
    For example: if your target deployment environment has distributed TSA, UM, IS, MWS on different hosts you should have 4 separate images with TSA, UM, IS and MWS only, not a single huge image for the above products, plus everything else which CC even does not support. This way your installation time will be minimal (most of the time is spent on image upload) and never cause time outs. Since products are released only 2 times a year it is not going to be a maintenance issue to create few images instead of one.

In the future CC will support local repositories that act as in-network proxy for Empower providing on demand download for product binaries from SPM’s that don’t have access to Empower.

Thanks Sergei,

We have 2 nodes in a clustered environment. 1 node has 5 Integration Server instances.
My plan was making a complete integration servers in a node and applying it to the other node by using CCE template based provisioning. So that 2 nodes in a clustered can be synchronized.
IS and MWS will be installed in the same location and CCE, TSA and UM/Broker will be installed in separate location.
Using CCE for this is not a proper way?

BTW, I tried with small size of image(around 300MB) and successfully uploaded/applied to the other node.
However, I got timeout error with more than 300MB. So I tried to create Master Repository as you suggested, but it only supports 9.5

I already opened a support ticket last week, but no luck so far. :frowning:

We’re working on the support ticket related to image upload timeouts. It turned out to be a bug (wrong place for image upload functionality) and it will be resolved soon and available via official 9.6 and 9.7 fixes in a few weeks.

When you say that master repository only supports 9.5 what do you mean? You can select the version/location using drop down in the UI which can be either 9.5, 9.6 and in a few weeks 9.7, for US and EUR locations.

Any environment layout should be handled by CC. There is nothing wrong with the way you’re planning to setup yours.

You should know about current limitation of CC templates though - we don’t cover multiple instances within a single installation for template based provisioning yet. If your IS has 5 instances under the same installation (not 5 separate installations) then CC cannot currently create 5 instances on the target installation. This is something we’re planning to support in April 2015 release via new ‘composite-templates’ feature that will be able to provision entire environment like yours, distributed over multiple machines, with multiple instances in each installation, covering IS, MWS, UM and TSA.

For 9.5-9.7, if you’d like to use CC for managing your multiple-instance installations you have two options:

  • Apply template to create default/single instance first, then use CC CLI to script 4 other instances creation. Then re-apply the template to apply customized configuration for these 4 instances.
  • Switch the deployment to 5 installations instead of 5 instances. Not recommended.


Please find attached file. There are only webMethods-9.5_US and webMethods-9.5_EUR in the drop down option.
Applied CCE fixes are the latest ones.
CCE 9.6.0 FIX 3
CCE SPM Plugin 9.6.0 FIX 3
CCE Shared 9.6.0 FIX 3
CCE WebUI 9.6.0 FIX 3
CFS SPM Plugin 9.6.0 FIX 1
SPM 9.6.0 FIX 3
SPM Shared 9.6.0 FIX 3

As of now, I created and configured an IS in a installation and try to apply it to the target installation only.
But, that’s good news to support ‘composite-templates’ feature.

Anyway, I have no luck with CLI as well to apply product and working on the error with Global Support Team.