Compare Prod and QA

Dear all,
is there any possibility to compare the package-version of QA and Prod???
I fixed a problem in QA, activated it in Prod but here the problem still occurs. Maybe there’s a difference in an involved package/ service.

Thanks for your help,



You can do a package compare to see if the packages in QA and Prod are identical but that doesn’t solve your problem.

What you really want to be able to do is perform a regression test to ensure that the changes made by the developers fixed your problem without causing additional problems for your system.

Solstice Software offers an integration test suite that allows you to perform regression testing by:

  1. Recording a baseline at the service/message level from one environment.
  2. Convert those messages/service results into a series of regression tests… no coding required.
  3. Simulators can be created (no coding required) to simulate source/target applications that are not available or time consuming to configure for testing.
  4. Replay the saved messages on the same or different environment (i.e. Dev, QA, or Prod) to ensure the same results are received at every step. When there are differences, the tool identifies the location and source of the differences.
  5. Do all of the above in an automated fashion.

This would also help your immediate problem by being able to identify the cause of your current production failure.

I am contributing this because it seems relevant to the discussion but should let you know that, in the interest of full disclosure, I am an employee of Solstice Software.

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