Using Prod version instead of QA version of program in Job


I have made changes to a Natural batch program and migrated it to qa.
I ran my changes with QA code.
I expect the similar result from Prod code as well.

Could someone help how do i run my test job with Prod Program instead of QA program.


First of all, Rik: It is not good behavior to post the same question three times, with a delay of 6 hours. This can not be excused by accidentally hitting the “submit” button twice.

Second: If you do not provide more information, you can not expect to get an answer. I looked into you recent posts and all have been of the same quality.

Third: logon to the production library and run the program (sorry, the answer is quite short but fits to your question. How should we know, what your QA and production environment look like?).

Hi Wilfried,

Apologies for the post being submitted thrice.I believe it was done by mistake.

Thankyou for your reply.


i believe i can do it with PRODSTEP in JCL.
Thankyou all for your help.