How to discover if any component of package was modified?

What product/components do you use and which version/fix level?


What are trying to achieve? Please describe in detail.

Is it possible to discover which component (flow service, adapter, document, etc…) was modified?

We’re trying to find which component was modified by developers to validade and promote to another environment.

Solution 1: Compare the same package in different environments.
Solution 2: Using archive (.xml) date modified? But there’s no archive for each component.

Is it possible to implement this solutions? There’s another solution?


Have you installed latest fixes for the products


Hi Luis,

Using a version control system can help in your case.


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Hi Luis,

in addition to Rams answer:

since wM 9.12 Designer has a compare/diff feature for packages, services, doctypes etc.
You can use this to compare DEV env to QA env for example.
When diffing packages you will get a list of all differing objects between source and target and can then perform a deep dive introspection to check what exactly has been changed.


Hi Ramakrishna,

They don’t use version control system here! =S


Hi Holger,

I found this tool in desginer, I’ll test.


Edit 1: It worked, thanks!

We did this programmatically using pub.assets:getChecksums
Reverb based on the suggestion from @Ramu_Potuganti.

We were able to get a comparison report from all the server.

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Thank you Srikanth, it worked!

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