Integration Server Pre-Upgrade Analyzer 10.15


The Pre-Upgrade Analyzer has been updated for version 10.15. This release includes some bug fixes, improved UI, and some new reports. It analyzes your custom Integration Server packages, compares them to the new release, and generates reports that list the following:

  • Custom Adapter Connections, Services, Listeners and Notifications - Lists adapter assets, either for all installed adapters or a specific one.
  • Custom Asset Inventory - Lists all custom assets, filterable by package name.
  • Custom Assets that Depend on Changed Built-in Services - Lists custom services which reference changed built-in services.
  • Custom Assets that Depend on Deprecated Built-in Services - Lists custom services which reference deprecated built-in services.
  • Custom Services that Depend on a Specific Package - Lists custom services that depend on the specified package.
  • Custom Assets with Missing Dependencies - Lists services, document types, etc. being used by custom services that don’t actually exist on the current installation.
  • Custom Services Using Custom Java Services - Lists custom services which depend on custom Java services.
  • Custom Services Using Built-in Debug Services - Lists services which reference built-in debug services.

Supported Product Versions

Integration Server - 10.7-10.15

Supported Operating Systems

AIX, Linux, macOS, Solaris, Windows

Download and Installation

To use the analyzer:

  1. Follow the instructions in Upgrading Software AG Products to install the new Integration Server.
  2. Install your custom packages in the new Integration Server.
  3. Open the WmPublic/config/fileAccessControl.cnf file and add the “packages/WxPreUpgradeAnalyzer/pub/reports;” directory to both the allowedReadPaths and allowedDeletePaths. Reload the WmPublic package.
  4. Install the WxPreUpgradeAnalyzer package and refresh the browser. Pre-Upgrade Analyzer should appear under the Solutions menu.
  5. Clicking the link will open the Pre-Upgrade Analyzer in a new tab.
  6. The “Create Reports” section displays a link for each available report.
  7. Optional report inputs are italicized, while required inputs are not. Required inputs with no default a marked additionally with an asterisk. Filters use standard regular expression syntax. For example, to run a report against packages starting with “My”, the filter syntax would be “My.+”.
  8. The Download & Manage Reports contains a Report List link, which allows you to view the list of generated reports, download reports and/or delete reports. (18.5 MB)

Remarks: The analyzer might not support analysis of very large installations. Note that this package uses Apache POI which, on some Linux distributions, requires the ‘fontconfig’ package to be installed.

This tool is provided by Software AG as-is and without warranty or support. It does not constitute part of the Software AG product suite.

The Legacy Pre-Upgrade Analyzer for versions 10.7 and below can be found here:
Legacy Integration Server Pre-Upgrade Analyzer


Hey and thanks for a brilliant solution!

I just wanted to clear; Does this tool only support upgrading from 10.7 to 10.11 or does it cover all supported upgrade paths for 10.11?

I ask because this tool is referenced in SOFTWARE AG UPGRADE PREPARATION AND PLANNING
GUIDE 10.11, and does not mention a certain upgrade path.


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Hi Atli,

this will be a 2-Step approach.
See links below the article above.
There is one version of the Analyzer covering upgrades from 9.7 up to 10.7 and another one (the one this article is about) for upgrades from 10.7 to 10.11.


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This version should work for upgrades to 10.7 and 10.11. It’s the target version that matters.


Hi @Theodore_Ezell1

There are a lot of missing services that have been changed that are not included in this 10.11 version. For example pub.flatFile:convertToValues is not included which has been changed.

Also, the WxPreUpgradeAnalyzer.util:isSameOrHigherVersion fails with arrayOutofBound exception when comparing strings with longer version numbers. For example, version in is compared with 6.5 which is in your changedServices.json file.

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Hi Syed. Thanks for the feedback. I will work on fixes.

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An interesting tool but should it be called “Post-upgrade analyzer?” One has to install 10.11 and put everything to it first, then run the checks.

For any report, getting the following error. What am I missing? I did update the fileAccessControl file with permissions.

report could not be created due to java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException in

Hi Venkat,

I would try debugging it and checking where it fails. It looks like some of the parameters in the json files are not passed to the service. Try turning off file permissions check from the server watt settings or directly check if getFile service can read the json files used by the package.

An InvocationTargetException is an exception that wraps another exception . You can check the full stacktrace to see the actual error here.


Can some one let me know how to resolve Custom Assets that Depend on Deprecated Built-in Services report could not be created due to java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException in this issue

we have installed the fontconfig package in the linux machine and rebooted the IS later it started working for us

Hi Experts,

We are doing upgrade from 10.5 to 10.11.

As per the instructions mentioned in the “Download and Installation: To use the analyzer” point no: 2.

So, do we need to run the WxPreUpgrade Analyzer in new server 10.11 or have to run in the old server 10.5.

Please confirm.

Sai Pradeep.

Hi Sai,

as far as I understood, it should be run on the new, target version.
10.11 in this case.



Holger is correct. The analyzer is designed to run on the target version. Also, due to dependencies on internal Integration Server code, it is only compatible with version 10.7 or higher.
Best regards,


This is why I suggested that the name of this tool should be Post-Upgrade Analyzer or maybe Post-Upgrade Review. One has to upgrade first, as noted in steps 1 and 2 of the instructions, then run the checks to determine what needs attention. :slight_smile:

Thank you Holger and Theo for your prompt response.

what is fontconfig ? is this the library that need to download and install from website ?

fontconfig is a Linux package. On Ubuntu, for example, you would install it using this command: sudo apt-get install fontconfig

Install fontconfig on Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install fontconfig (

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Hi Team,

I am downloading the package for upgrade analysis for version 10.3 to 10.15. So, wanted to use the analyzer tool. However, when I click on the download option on the above to download package. The package is downloading like temp.zp. After unzip I see folder with temp only, I done see any folder with WxPreUpgradeAnalyzer.

Is this expected