Compare Packages in different Environments


I am looking to compare 2 packages in different environments(on different IS) just to validate that the deployment ws succesful. What is the best approach ? Are there any built in services available to accomplish this ?

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your release a package with version and build info. That should be enough to tell you what’s in each environment.
If you want to make sure on file system level, you can use external tools. I found a free tool: kdiff3 very useful.

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Yes you may have to use diff tools like ultraedit or kdiff3 or ultra compare etc… to name a few tools


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@ Sachin,

1> Package version, build info tell you what you have in each environment.

2> External tools - Adding notepad++

3> Other option is to think of writing a utility service (may be a solution) something called "Package Comparator" that would compare packages on different IS and lets you see the report. But again you have to invest time for (solution)design, approach and coding…

Think what is good for you at the moment. Let me know if you have questions we can discuss further on this.

Hi Mahesh,

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I would like to do this comparison by generating the HTML for the Package, (as we see “VIEW AS HTML” option in the developer). so once we got the HTML for both version we can compare and could find the differences.

But am stuck up with the java service which could generate the HTML for the package. Please help me out with the java service which could generate the HTML.