compare a service in different environments

Other than HTML compare is there a best way to compare a service in 2 different environments through java code?

I was thinking to compare a flow.xml file of a service with the flow.xml file of the same service from remote server.

But how Can I connect to remote server through java service and get the flow.xml file of a required service?

Any help would be appreciated.


Use some compare tool something like ultra-edit and base the flow.xml for comparison.

I dont’t think the same is doable using java service…


A long while back I wrote a service that checked the namespaces of remote IS servers for services of the same name - it was to ensure we didn’t run into conflicts on QA when we had fifteen distributed IS servers (on a bunch of consultant laptops).

I bring that up because I used WmRoot services to make that happen.

You could likely do the same for this, using something like wm.server.ns:getNode locally, and then running it through remote invoke on your remote server and comparing the two resulting documents. (I’m not sure if getNode will give you everything you need, but there may be another service that could help…)

But how do you compare the contents/code with in the flow using getNode??

I threw getNode out there as an example from memory to prompt Sireesha to look in WmRoot. But I took a quick peek myself over lunch…

Use wm.server.ns:getSource or wm.server.ns:getMethod for Java services (they won’t work on flows)

Use wm.server.ns:getNodes for Flow services (returns the code as a document called flow)

Thanks PhilLeary and RMG. I will try to those and let you know how that works.